Website Audits

Optimise your current website to make it work for you

Do you have a website that is not getting the results that you want?

You may have created a website and launched it into the world. It looks great but is not producing the return you were looking for. It can be frustrating if you can’t understand what it holding your website back. To move forward and be successful it is vital to assess how your website currently performs and identify any obstacles that are standing in the way.
We use our experience to assess what your website may be lacking and suggest how it can improve.  Your website is the cornerstone of all your digital marketing activities so it needs to be optimised for search engines and users to get the best results.

How we help to optimise your website

Keyword use and relevance – Does the content cover what people want?
Quality of content – Does the content read well, does the website provide a good user experience.
Duplication – Duplicated content and pages are penalised by search engines. This would be investigated.
Site structure – We will review the structure of the site to judge whether it has a clear hierarchy and structured internal links.
Broken Links – We will check for any broken links or crawl errors that may be stopping search engines from finding you.
Page speed – We will assess page speed as this is vital to user experience.
Often small, important changes to a website can have a huge impact on search ranking and massively improve the user experience. We will provide a report with actionable recommendations to work from.

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Keyword research

To optimise a website or digital marketing campaign we need to know what words people are typing into search engines.  Sometimes what you think people are searching for and what they are actually typing into Google could be quite different!  So the starting point is looking at what people are looking for and this forms the basis of any content strategy.

We can provide a report on the words that need to be focussed on for your business and can suggest ways they can be incorporated on your website and within your digital marketing as a whole.