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Want to know how social media can help your business?

The power of social media can no longer be ignored.  It has so many advantages yet many people are still unsure of how to utilise it.    Not only does social media help you engage with customers and increase traffic to your website it is also an important SEO tool.  Search engines now take into account social signals as a ranking factor.

Content that has generated a lot of traction on Twitter can cut the time it takes Google to find your content. In February 2015, Google and Twitter signed a deal giving Google access to Twitter’s public data, generated by its 300 million users.

Google also considers your social media influence based on factors such as reach, relevance, and engagement. The more you like, comment, and share content on social media, the better your ranking will be.


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Social Media Set Up  If you have no idea where to start when it comes to social media we can help you identify which platforms are best suited to your business.  We can set up your pages so they showcase your business and give you guidance on what to post and when.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to get started.  We can set you on your way to social media success.

Social Media Training If you are a start up or small business and you want to run your social media platforms yourself but don’t know where to start, we can help by providing one on one training to teach you how to use social media effectively, what type of content to post and how often to post.  We can help you set up scheduling tools to keep track of your content and go through how you can analyse the performance of each post.  We can give you the confidence to promote your business effectively by personalising the training to your business.

We can also run your social media platforms for you, creating posts to publish.

How much will it cost?

A two hour training session starts at £60.