What to consider when building a landing page

What are Landing Pages?

A Landing Page is the website page your user is taken to from your marketing efforts. For example Disneyland has a Facebook Advert promotion saying “Click to have a chance to win a trip of a lifetime”. You click and land on the competition Landing Page, not the website home page.

What is your landing page objective?

A good Landing Page has only one objective – in the case above it is getting the user to input their name and email to try to win the trip and hitting the enter button. The result is called a conversion.

For your landing page you need to think about what you are trying to achieve. You could want to get more people added to a mailing list, get users to enter their credit card details to subscribe to an offer, get people to leave their phone number for a call back for a service, or to book an appointment.

Steps to consider when creating a Landing Page

1. Intro copy must resonate with the user problem

You need to think about what the user’s problem is. For example, is it difficult for them to buy a product they want locally? Introduce the problem and then provide a solution.

“Looking for beauty products, tailored to you? Get a beauty box, worth £50, delivered directly to your door for only £12.99 per month”

2. All content must answer doubts

So, for example, if the objective is to get someone to subscribe to an offer, using a credit card, they may have doubts such as:
• How can I pay?
• Is Payment safe?
• How do I cancel a subscription?
• How to I know exactly what I am subscribing for?
• How it does it works?

3. Build trust with Testimonials

A good testimonial is by a real person highlighting a product or service feature.

4. Create haste

The most difficult doubt to combat is if they can get the same product or service cheaper somewhere else. You therefore need to increase the perceived value and put a limit on it. Here are some examples:
• Add a discount in your pricing, only valid for that month
• Add a limited stock quantity under the “Buy Now” button
• Add a countdown timer right on top of the “Buy Now” button, offering a free gift to anyone who subscribes in the next 12 hours.


The key is to anticipate what your user would like to see on your Landing Page. Therefore, do not have links to other pages, no other products for sale or unnecessary sign up forms. This in turn minimizes the content, to maximize the conversion.


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