Content Marketing

Become an expert in your field and gain the trust of your potential customers

Do you want to get on with running your business not writing about it?

Although you are the expert in your chosen field it does not necessarily mean you find it easy to write about it.  Writing engaging copy can be a tough task and if you don’t enjoy it, it can lead to frustration.  However, writing fresh information for your customers is a vital marketing tool.

Content marketing is not about direct selling, it is about developing client relationships and giving clients useful information that they will share with others.  Being an expert in your field helps you gain the trust of buyers and increase your brand awareness.  Having fresh and relevant content not only improves user experience but is looked on favourably by search engines as it shows you are updating your website regularly.

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What is high-quality content?

High-quality content is content that is:
• Client-centric
• Provides guidance/value
• Non-promotional
• Free of jargon
• Shareable and presentable

How can we help?

We can create interesting blog and news articles for your website to attract interest in your company and website.  Blog posts can form part of your overall digital marketing strategy and can be repurposed in various ways.  A good piece of copy can be used again in email marketing and social media campaigns.  We can make the content work hard to bring the most reward.  Content can be focused on different stages of the buying cycle to increase its reach.

We can undertake keyword research to find out what words and phrases people are typing into search engines.  Sometimes what you think people are searching for and what they are typing into Google could be quite different!  So any content strategy will be based around the important keywords for your business.

We can also help build a content marketing strategy for you if you feel you would like to write some content yourselves but need some ideas on which topics to focus on and explore.  After undertaking keyword research, we can provide a report giving suggestions of where your key words and phrases can be incorporated within your website content.