Maximise the potential of your website


After investing in a website, you want to know how effective it is. Obviously, you may notice an increase in sales and you can ask your customers how they found you, but to really understand how your website is performing you need to dig a little deeper.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you understand and then optimise your websites performance. It can give you valuable insights into how your users behave.

Here are 3 important reasons why you should be using Google Analytics for your online business.

You can discover the source of your website traffic

Google Analytics can tell you how a visitor found your website. Did they come to you directly, through a search engine, from a social media post or a paid ad? All this information is readily available. This data is vital to help you understand your users. If you are putting a lot of effort into social media posts, are they paying off? Could you write more original content to help users find you on search engines?

You can track user behaviour

So, it’s great to know how people got to your website but what do they do once they get there? A lot of people want to be top of Google or focus just on the number of visitors but what you really want are quality visitors. If a large number of people come to your website and immediately leave that could be a problem. You want users to be engaged with your website, look around, find what they are looking for and hopefully contact you to find out more.

Google analytics can track user behaviour, from which pages they visited to how long they stayed. This data can help you tweak your website to aid the visitor experience. Maybe you need more Calls To Action or the flow if the website needs to be refined.

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You can monitor user conversions

Websites have different purposes. For some businesses the ultimate aim is for the user to fill out a contact form or it could be to click on an email address. Google Analytics allows you to track how users complete these conversions. You can also see what traffic sources provide the most conversions allowing you to see which channel provides quality visitors. This information can help you better plan your marketing.

How we can help

Google analytics is free to use but with such a wealth of information available to can be hard to navigate. We offer our clients a monthly stats report which gives them all the data that is relevant to them and recommendations for website improvements or content updates.

Using Google analytics helps you maximise the potential of your website.

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