Do you need to redesign your website?

The day you launch your new website is a day of joy! This showcase of your brand and business is there for the world to see. However, even the best websites eventually start to look outdated.

This isn’t to say that you need to completely redesign your website every year, or even every two years, but it is important that your website always provides the best representation of your business. As you evolve so should your website.

You want to look at your website and think “Yes, I am happy for potential customers/clients to see this.” If this isn’t the case it is time to make some changes

Here are the top signs that your website needs a redesign.

Your website no longer aligns with your business goals

The goals you had when you built your website may have changed since launch. A service you were sure would be popular, wasn’t at all. Or you have decided to focus your business differently. You may now have a clearer idea of your target audience, what their pain points are and how you can address them. If your website does not reflect your business strategy then an update is required.

Your website begins to look dated

Website design changes and improves over time. Outdated design features on your website can be a clear sign that you haven’t updated it for a while.

If you have;

  • small images
  • a narrow page layout
  • visit counters
  • outdated fonts
  • lack of Calls To Action

it is time to revaluate. Some sites have old, now discredited SEO tricks such as keyword stuffing or have messy, cluttered layouts that date them. What does an outdated website say to potential customers about your business? It can sometimes show a lack of care that could impact their opinion of you. People are drawn to attractive websites. You want to draw them in and create that all important, good, first impression.

You are not using https

If your website does not have an SSL certificate you will immediately be flagged to users as an unsecure website. This will discourage potential customers right away. If your website isn’t secure, how can you be trusted? Read our blog post on Why SSL is important.

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Your website is not mobile responsive

Ten to fifteen years ago, people would view websites mostly on laptops or desktops. Now browsing on a mobile is the most popular way to access the web. If your website does not look good on a mobile phone it will harm your business. Mobile first search is now used by Google for ranking, so  mobile responsiveness is key.

You can’t update the content

One way to keep your website up to date and current is to make small changes as and when required. Maybe you need to update some contact details or change the information about staff members. One of the reasons we love using WordPress is its user-friendly interface. We train and guide our clients to make small changes themselves quickly and easily. We also share useful tips on our blog page for clients who want to update pages themselves. You want the flexibility to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Blog posts are a great way of adding new content. Having a blog page that is easy to update can make a massive difference to how users perceive your website and business. If you take the time to engage with your audience you can really reap the rewards.

You haven’t reviewed or changed your website for 2-3 years

It makes sense to review your website at least every 2-3 years to decide whether it still serves it’s purpose. Take the time to review your business as a whole, think about which services you want to promote, which customers you want to attract and check to see if your website aligns with these goals. This review can be a good way to see how far you have come and help you focus on the future. Your website should help you reach the next stage of your business, not be lagging behind.

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Remember you don’t always need a complete redesign

If you are concerned about costs or your business goals haven’t changed considerably you may not need a whole website redesign. Small changes can make a huge difference. This could be;

  • changing the images
  • updating the typography
  • removing services that you no longer offer
  • promoting new services that are currently not showcased
  • adding a blog page or social media feeds

If you have a portfolio page you could update it with your latest work to show potential customers that you are creating great products or services.

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Our story

As a small business ourselves we have gone through this process. The first website we created for our business had a lot of services and content. We were just starting out and finding our voice. After two years we sat down and reviewed our business and our website. By this point we knew more about who we were as a business, what our clients liked about us and what made us stand out from our competitors.

We had discovered that clients liked the combination of web design and copywriting. They were attracted to the fact that we are a friendly and approachable local business. We had learnt what services were popular with clients and the services we enjoyed providing.

We wanted our website to reflect all this. We changed the design and added some images that were unique to us. We streamlined our offering to focus on the services that gave the most value to clients and we got work satisfaction from. We showcased all the great projects we had been working on with an up-to-date portfolio and created a website that truly represented us.

We have had so much positive feedback on our website and have experienced an increase in enquiries via our contact form. We are proud to direct people there to find out more about us.

Are you saying yes to a lot of these signs? We can help

If you are reading this and a lot of the points ring true, get in touch. We can help with small changes or complete redesigns. Ask yourself today; what is my business aim? Who am I trying to reach? and how can I help them? If your current website does not reflect your answers then Contact Us.